Website price comparison

WordPress, website for rent or website from an agency? There are also our super modern real-time customized websites. We would like to convince you that in the price/performance ratio with our real-time solutions, WordPress (or any other CMS) does not have much of a chance to win.
Website price comparison
Let's assume that you want your new website to serve reliably for at least 5 years. The table below compares the prices of a rental website, a WordPress website and our supermodern real-time website. Add to the rental price possible price increases and the time you will spend creating the website. The provider will only make its platform available to you, you usually have to click on the website and fill it with content yourself.
price for 5 years together (Euro) 375 - 1275 ,- 950 - 3575 ,- 275 - 1075 ,-
  website for rent website in WordPress supermodern real-time website from bainry
analysis, design and web development 0 ,- 500 - 2000 ,- 200 - 1000 ,-
annual website maintenance 0 ,- 50 - 200 ,- 0 ,-
annual service or hosting fee 60 - 240 ,- 25 - 100 ,- 0 ,-
annual domain fee 15 ,-  15 ,-  15 ,- 
The table clearly shows that you will pay even less for a supermodern real-time website from us in 5 years than if you rent the website. And much less than the WordPress one. Have you found a cheaper web supplier than us? Contact us anyway and let us prepare a non-binding price offer for a real-time website. It is possible that you will end up paying even less with us.