10 reasons for a paid SSL certificate

If you are serious about the security of your website, you should definitely have an SSL certificate on it. But why choose a paid certificate instead of Let's Encrypt, which is offered by a non-profit certificate authority (CA) for free?
10 reasons for a paid SSL certificate
  1. Extended Authentication (EV): Paid certificates may include EV certificates, which provide a higher level of trust and display the organization's name in a web browser.
  2. Higher level of assurance: Some paid CAs offer a higher level of assurance in case of unauthorized certificate issuance or other security issues.
  3. Better customer support: Paid CAs often provide faster and more personal customer support compared to Let's Encrypt.
  4. Wider range of certificates: Paid certificates can offer a wider selection of certificate types, such as wildcard certificates (covering all subdomains), multi-domain certificates, etc.
  5. Additional features: Some paid certificates may include additional security features such as web application firewall (WAF), security monitoring or protection against DDoS attacks.
  6. Faster revocation: Paid certificates can provide faster revocation if a security issue is found.
  7. Internal and corporate environments: Internal servers or corporate environments may require an internal SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority.
  8. Positive impact on SEO: Google takes the SSL certificate into account when determining the ranking in the search results. Paid certificates have a positive impact on SEO.
  9. Customer trust: Some users may feel more trust in websites with paid certificates, as it shows an investment in security.
  10. Brand reinforcement: Using a paid certificate from a well-known certification authority can build credibility and strengthen your brand's reputation.
How do you know that a website has a security certificate? Its address starts as https://, where s stands for secure. With an unsecured website, it happens that users are shown a warning, which can unnecessarily delay them or completely discourage them from visiting your website.

The decision to choose a paid certificate depends on the specific needs and goals of your project. An SSL certificate is an important tool for securing your website and your visitors' data. Security and trust should be a priority when operating and visiting any online location.

Want to see how your website is doing? Test it on this page. Enter your domain in the "hostname" field and wait for the result. If the result is an A+ rating, congratulations. If your website does not have such a rating, leave it to us. We will be happy to help you with the web server configuration. An A+ rating can also be achieved with a free certificate from Let's Encrypt.