What is included in the price of the website

  • Free web hosting with no time limit
  • Tailor-made administration
  • SEO optimization
  • Connection to analytics
  • SSL certificate
  • System update
  • Basic maintenance
  • Support during the entire existence of the project

Quality custom website
for a great price?


We will also provide for you

  • customized legal documentation
  • creating a logo and visual identity
  • advanced SEO and PPC campaigns
  • content creation and copywriting
  • social network management
Satisfied customers
they are our best advertisement. That is why we will do our best for your satisfaction.
What are we doing

First of all, we create websites. Any.

Professional custom website creation: We create unique websites that perfectly represent your brand. Contact us and get a website you can rely on. And for a great price.

Modern web design for your business: Do you want a website that will impress your customers? We will make you a modern and fast website that will take your business to a new level.
Our mission
We enjoy creating websites. We do our best to bring you the best quality solutions at the lowest possible prices. We establish cooperation, minimize bureaucracy and approach each project with maximum commitment.

Super modern websites

We develop super-modern websites, e-shops and web applications built on real-time technologies. Today almost everyone makes modern websites. We move them to a higher level.

Custom websites

Professional custom website creation


SEO optimization of websites

A website that never gets old
All our solutions will be modern even in 5 years. We'll take care of that. And it won't cost you anything at all.
How is it possible?

From microsites to complex systems

We will create a simple website for you from 90 Euros.
Website price list
Real-time websites
We take modern websites to a higher level. We build them on real-time technologies, so you can look forward to an immediate response when processing your requests.
Simply JavaScript
A single language on the server and in the browser saves costs to such an extent that you will consider our final prices as monthly payments. And in addition, your website will be ready much faster.
We prefer clean, simple and efficient solutions. The minimalist style in web design filters out distracting elements and your customers can focus on what's really important.
14 years of experience
We are no newcomers. We have been creating websites for more than 14 years.
We support
local businesses, mothers on maternity leave, non-profit organizations and ecological projects.
More time to live
It is enough that you are an entrepreneur. You don't even have to be a programmer.
Leave the creation of the web to us and you focus on what you are good at.
I want my own modern website with free web hosting with no time limit