10 types of websites

There are many different types of websites, aimed at different purposes and providing different features. Let's look at 10 types of super modern real-time websites that we can create for you.
10 types of websites
  1. Personal Websites - Simple websites that serve to showcase an individual, their portfolio or interests.
  2. Blogs - Blogs are personal or business websites where regular articles or posts are published. Their content can be focused on various topics, such as travel, food, technology, fashion, etc.
  3. Portfolio - Websites allowing artists, photographers and other creators to present their works and projects.
  4. Online CVs - An online CV, also known as a digital or internet portfolio, is a specific type of website used to present an individual's professional experience, skills, education and data in an online portfolio format.
  5. Company presentations - A company presentation serves to present and promote information about a specific company or enterprise. The aim of this website is to provide potential customers, partners, investors and the public with an overview of the company's activities, products, services and values.
  6. Forums - Forums provide a place to discuss certain topics, where users share opinions, experiences and consult with others.
  7. Social Networks - Social networks allow users to create profiles, share content, interact with other users, and join various groups and communities.
  8. E-shops - Websites focused on the online sale of goods and services. Ecommerce systems usually have features such as a shopping cart, online payments, and order tracking capabilities.
  9. Wiki Pages - Wiki pages allow multiple users to collaborate to create, edit, and update content.
  10. News portals - These sites focus on providing current news, events and information.