5 ways of web hosting

Domain and web hosting are an integral part of every website. Without them, no one will see your website. What exactly is web hosting and what types of hosting are there?
Imagine you want to send a postcard by post. You need two things for this. The address where you will send your postcard and of course the physical place where the postcard will arrive. An Internet domain is an address in online space, and web hosting is a physical space to which this domain points. In order for your customers to find you on the Internet, they must know the domain (address) behind which is a specific physical location - web hosting.

Free hosting

On sites such as webnode or webzdarma, you have a third-order domain available in the form of, which is also free together with basic web hosting. At the beginning, you can use such an option, but if you are serious about your business, sooner or later you will have to look for something paid.

The cheapest web hosting

There are two hosting companies on the Slovak and Czech markets. Slovak Websupport and Czech Wedos. Both offer a wide range of products and services. Even the more affordable ones for mini projects. The cheapest shared hosting costs tens of crowns per month. A static one-page business card on such web hosting will work without problems.

Middle class

For websites with higher traffic or higher demands on system resources, shared hosting will still be enough, but it may be reaching its limits. This is "shared" hosting, which means that the CPU, RAM and disk drives are not reserved just for you.

Virtual server

A virtual private server (VPS) is located on a physical server and shares its hardware resources. On the outside, it looks like a physical (dedicated) server, but even in this case it is a kind of shared hosting. The difference is that VPS gives users more control, flexibility and scalability. A VPS is separated from other virtual servers on the same physical server, so users have their own operating system, allocated part of the processor, RAM, disk space and other system resources. A virtual server can handle high traffic and we use this type of hosting most often for your projects.

Dedicated server

The fifth and our last discussed type of web hosting is a dedicated server. This is a dedicated physical server that is only for you. It is the most powerful and is used for the most demanding projects.