Website price

Does 25 euros per hour of developing your modern website seem like a lot? Yes, you could pay less, but you could also pay a lot more. Even in this case, we are not rich enough to buy cheap things from websites. So why is it worth carefully considering all the available options when choosing a supplier for your new website?
Website price

How much does a supermodern website cost?


The cheapest solution

The cheapest solution is a student or a friend. You will pay a few euros (maybe even nothing) for a ready-made website, but there are too many risks involved. Lack of experience, low quality of work, lack of technical support, risk of project delays, weak (or no) responsibility for the work, these are the main disadvantages to consider when choosing a software supplier.

A cheap solution

The second cheapest solution is usually a freelancer or a one-person company. Compared to a smaller company like us, the main advantage is the lower price. However, when you compare hourly rates, you'll find that finding a senior developer with years of experience who charges less than 25 euros per hour is harder than you might think. A big disadvantage is that freelancers work alone, so they don't have replaceability covered.

The most expensive solution

The most expensive solution is a large company or corporation. That is, a company with tens to hundreds of employees. Many of them will work on your project and will need to be paid. And there is no guarantee that you will get the same quality for your money. Agencies with an unclear public portfolio are particularly risky. Pay attention even when the company writes about itself in superlatives or claims that it is the only one in Slovakia that does this and that. It is not one hundred percent. Although we do not know anyone who develops websites like us, we really do not dare to claim that we are the only company that does this.

The optimal solution

The optimal solution in the price/performance ratio for your new project is a smaller company with a well-coordinated and experienced team. We are characterized by more than 12 years of experience, minimal bureaucracy and maximum commitment in every project. We are motivated by your satisfaction, for which we will always do our best. We enjoy and fulfill our work. That's why we do it.

Low prices

Why do we have such good prices while maintaining the quality of products and services? Because we are very well aware that in addition to computer science, other sciences must also be mastered. One of them is economics. Our low prices are primarily due to cost minimization. Want to learn more? Get in touch or leave us a contact form below. You can get an idea of ​​the prices in the indicative price list in our selected projects.

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