Supermodern website

Supermodern website

What kind of cutting edge website is this? We added super to the word modern for a simple reason. Today, almost everyone makes modern websites. At least that's what they claim about themselves. We develop modern websites differently.

Regular modern website

A classic website created in recent years is far from just static text and images sent by the server to the client, as it used to be in the days when the Internet was only in coffee shops. However, if we are talking about a website built on common editorial systems (wordpress, joomla) or php frameworks (laravel, nette), which are the majority on the Internet today, dynamism has its clear limits. Every change that happens is triggered by the client. That is, either directly you as a user or the browser itself. This topic is treated in more detail, for example, on Wikipedia.

Our supermodern website

The main advantage of our websites, which we have been building exclusively on real-time technologies for the last few years, is the ability of the server to initiate communication with the client. In our case, this means that when you change any content in the website administration, these changes are immediately sent to all your users (readers, customers) who have the website currently open. It saves you time when you check your changes and you don't have to reload the website and you always provide your customers with fresh information.

The only certainty on the web is change

Our goal is to provide you with supermodern web applications instead of ordinary websites, which are the majority on the Internet today, and to provide you with the most modern technologies that will help you transform your business and take it to a new level.
When you update product prices, correct errors in articles, or change any other content, your changes are visible in real time to anyone who has the site open. Without having to reload it. The only drawback is the dusty F5 button. You can read more information about real-time technologies, for example, on Wikipedia.


Scenario 1: An error in the article

Imagine writing a really good article that all your customers will want to read. You publish it everywhere you can (for example on social networks), several people open the article, and you suddenly find that at the end of the article you have a hard y in the word websyte. Regardless of whether it's a simple typo that just happens sometimes, or your new employee didn't pay attention in English lessons, such mistakes don't do your brand a good name.

On a regular website, as soon as the user opens the page even with the error, nothing can be done and it is more than certain that he will see it. However, our supermodern website is very easy to handle. As soon as you correct the error, the corrected text will be displayed to everyone who is currently reading the article. So it is highly likely that when the customer gets to the given text, it will already be error-free.

Scenario 2: Inventory

Imagine a situation where you have the last piece of a product in stock and several customers put it in the cart at the same time on your e-shop. One of them will send the order right away. In the regular e-shop, other customers continue to buy, knowing that the given product is still available. When sending the order (after clicking through the entire ordering process), they will be unpleasantly surprised.

Our supermodern e-shop updates the stock status to all customers immediately after sending the order. Your customers have information not only about the current stock immediately available, and thanks to this you make shopping easier for them.

Or it may happen that a customer wants to buy a product that you do not have in stock. Your goods have just arrived and you are changing your stock. The customer needs to make a purchase as soon as possible and is about to go to the competitor, when suddenly he sees that the product has just been put in stock. You will lose a customer in a regular e-shop. The customer will make a successful purchase at our supermodern e-shop.

Scenario 3: Appointment reservation

Are you the owner of a hotel, beauty salon or provide other services for which you need a reservation system? Make it easier for your customers to book or cancel an appointment. The moment you add or cancel an appointment, the customer sees all the changes in front of him on the screen without having to update anything.
Also, even if the changes are made by the customers themselves, each of them always sees the current status in the calendar. Imagine that a client wants to come to you on Monday evening for a massage. He sees that all dates are taken. However, the deadline at 18:00 turns green. Another customer canceled his reservation. With our supermodern real-time solution, you do not waste time or potential replacement clients as in the case of a regular system.

Scenario 4: Chat message

A typical case of using real-time technologies is a chat application. Imagine having to refresh the page every now and then to see if you happen to have a new message. In today's age of Facebook and WhatsApp, programming chat applications is not common, but of course we can create this kind of applications very easily with our solutions.

Why doesn't everyone make supermodern websites?

In this case, the price comes first. Solutions built on real-time technologies are simply demanding in terms of development and price. Not everyone can afford to pay tens of thousands of euros for an e-shop. Thanks to modularity, automation and many years of work, we are able to create such solutions for you for a fraction of the money and time. It is possible that you will pay even less for our supermodern website than for the classic one.
Je veux mon propre site Web moderne avec un hébergement Web gratuit et sans limite de durée